Star Peopl Adventures, Arcoza
Creepy, Scary, Boo! Arcozia
Chibi Island, Arcozia
The Swashbuckling Pirates of the Seven Seas, Arcozia

We are an independent book publisher and art studio that creates our own, unique and exciting character brands.


Our projects are conceived and constructed by our team in our studio. We are responsible for bringing brands, such as 'Star People Adventures', 'Creepy, Scary, Boo!', 'Chibi Island', 'Swashbuckling Pirates', 'Fizz 'N' Pop' and more to reality.

Our mission is to develop exciting characters, fantastic stories and develop high-quality products.

Speedy is the fastest Star Person alive! Star PeopleAdventures is a sci-fi, fantasy brand.


Awesome Jenny swings heroically in The Swashbuckling Pirates of the Seven Seas
Binz is a pint-sized hero in Chibi Island, where great adventures come in small sizes.


Whether you are a business, or a individual, please feel free to view our fantastic range of products.

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